Helen is a mixed media artist based in Mandurah, Western Australia, working primarily with natural and salvaged materials.  In 2018 she completed a two-year residency at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah, where she combined her background in botany and chemistry with a passion for art, to explore the eco-dye potential of local native plants.  This residency culminated in her first solo exhibition, Windfall : Chemistry of the Dye Pot.

Helen has now moved in to her new workplace, The Dye Pot Studio. Here she is continuing her work, creating dyes, inks and paints from plant pigments and exploring the chemistry of often surprising results from the dye pot.

Helen is also working with the City of Mandurah to develop Koolbardi Bidi, the CASM Cultural Garden, a showcase of local plants that have traditional significance to the Noongar people, and contemporary uses as dyes, textiles or bushfoods. 

Image credit: Beatte Kratt

"Windfall" eco-print book.  Image credit: Lyn Nixon