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The Dye Pot Studio offers a wide range of natural pigment workshops, from 3 hours to 2 days in length. Click on a link below to book a place in one of the upcoming events, or use the Contact Me page to discuss a personalised workshop for your group or organisation.

Earth Pigments and Natural Paints Workshop

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Explore the ancient techniques used to turn earth into natural paints in this fun, hands-on workshop with Helen Coleman.

Participants will learn how to process a range of earth samples to create fine pigments and then mull them into smooth tempera and glair paints for lightfast artworks.

Workshop notes and all materials and equipment are provided. Participants can bring their own earth sample to work with, if desired (approx 1L earth required).

Narrogin, Sun 25 Feb, 10am-3:30pm

To book, click here (2 tickets left!)

Nature's Colour Palette
(Fibre Arts Australia 2024 Winter School)

Ink test samples.jpg

Unlock the colours of nature with Helen Coleman, as she gently guides you through her process to transform plants and earth into dyes, inks, pigments and paints.

Students will explore foraged natural materials for their colour properties, convert these pigments into a range of art mediums and create unique artworks deeply connected with the local landscape. 

Workshop techniques include pigment extraction, botanical inkmaking, earth and lake pigment creation and natural paintmaking. 

This workshop will benefit beginners to experienced artists who are keen to incorporate natural pigments in their practice.


Ballarat Grammar School

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Date: 3-9 July 2024        To book, click here

Introduction to Natural Inks Workshop

In this one day, introductory workshop, Helen Coleman will guide you through the process of extracting colours from locally sourced, sustainably harvested plant materials, to create your own natural inks.

Techniques that will be explored include extraction of pigments with water and alcohol, colour range extension using mordants and modifiers, record-keeping and lightfast testing.

Students will have time to explore the artistic potential of natural inks, creating test swatches then manipulating the inks to create their own unique layered artworks.

All materials are supplied and students will take home workshop notes, small ink samples and artworks created during the workshop. 

Mandurah, Sun 18 Feb, 10am-4pm

To book, click here

Narrogin, Sat 24 Feb, 10am-3:30pm

To book, click here

Small Group Workshops

This series of 3-hour workshops in the Dye Pot Studio is perfect for small groups of 2-4 people and can be scheduled to suit your group. All materials and equipment are provided plus morning or afternoon tea.

Each workshop: $300 total (for 1-4 students,e.g. $75 each for 4 people, $150 each for 2 people).

Grab your friends and explore natural pigments together in one or all of these hands-on sessions:


Workshop 1 - Natural Inks:

Students will learn how to extract colour from a range of local plant materials using water and alcohol, then explore their potential as natural inks using mordants and modifiers.


Workshop 2 - Earth and Lake Pigments:

Learn how to make your own earth and lake pigments from local inorganic and organic materials, ready to mix into your favourite art mediums at home. 

Workshop 3 - Natural Paints:

Explore natural mediums and mulling techniques to turn earth and lake pigments into a range of paints, including tempera, glair and watercolours. 

To book a workshop, just contact Helen.

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