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Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah (CASM)

8 May – 6 June 2021.

In May 2021, 12 of CASM’s previous Artists in Residence will be returning to the gallery, to take part in the Transition exhibition.

During the exhibition, Helen will be adding samples of inks, dyes, pigments and paints to a Colour Wall, created from plant and earth material submitted by the public.


You are invited to be part of this exciting project – and perhaps discover a new colour!

To share the excitement of discovery, Helen will be working on the samples in the CASM workshop space each Wednesday morning while the exhibition is running, between 9am-12 noon. Pop in and say hello!

To participate, just follow these steps:

  • Collect your sample of earth or plant material:

    • Earth samples can be wet or dry, with enough material to fill a 2L icecream container.

    • Plant samples can be collected and dried ahead of delivery day, or collected fresh on the day. Please collect enough material to fill a bucket, so there is sufficient quantity to work with.

    • Ensure you collect samples safely – wear gloves if toxic or toxicity is unknown and wash hands immediately after handling the material.

  • Bring your sample to CASM during 4 - 6 May, between 10am-3pm. If you cannot deliver your sample at this time, email helencolemanart@bigpond.com to arrange an alternative appointment.

  • On delivery, complete a simple form with information about the sample and your contact details.

  • Helen will take a polaroid photo of your sample on delivery – you are welcome to be in the photo!

  • Come back during the exhibition to see the colours obtained from your sample.

At the end of the exhibition, exhibited contributors will receive a thank-you gift of ink or paint made from their sample.

For further information, please use the Contact Me page.

In conjunction with the Transition exhibition, Helen will be running her Natural Inks Workshop at CASM on 29 and 30th May. This one-day workshop is a fun, hands-on introduction to the world of plant pigment art and science, with all materials and refreshments provided, including a vegetarian lunch.


For more information and to book a place, visit the Workshops page.

Image credit: Daniel Wilkins

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